The Slormancer – Clara poco etica speed hunter (Wrath 10 Farmer)

A simple guide for a narrow hunter who uses 100% perforation, bifurcation and bounce to eliminate all enemy screens and zoom in on the maps.

Clear Speed ​​Huntress’s simple building guide

General description

This is the collection for you if you want to clear the screen with arrows and numbers, go fast, clear your brain and work without worrying about anything.


  • Clear speed and speed of movement.
  • Very escalating damage.
  • Enemies that they beat constantly secure complete HP / MP at all times thanks to the blood of manna / life.
  • No need to aim, just click to kill the entire screen.
  • Does not require legends or even eras.


  • Probably die in 1 blow to the elite’s great sword at point 10.
  • Slow down the speed of the slides (play in the window and restart the game a bit to stop).


This construction was to work with a series of trimmers, one of which was Manabender’s primary arch. It is possible to achieve a very high fertilizer cost with Arrow Spare, which gives us a much better damage.

Possible maritime candidates

The elbow of the men’s master

Despite having only taken one major nerve, it was still strong enough to carry this construction through Wrath 10, providing an additional damage benefit based on manna cost, gross damage based on manna regeneration, and an active skill that elicits critical explosions based on the additional damage. of your manna costs.

You will lose 1% of HP by launching with the Primordial version, without restrictions, it is not a problem with life blood pressure.

The most powerful urbo

Too much damage to the sailor, what should be enough for the construction to work.

Primordial arch of the agile warrior

Potentially massive critical damage scale can be avoided, which is possible when everything is done before you have a chance to attack.

Primordial bow of large fur

The damage to your ability is offset, a decent amount of damage and a large amount of gross damage.

How are primary weapons used?

Kill 42,000 enemies with the original version.

Basic abilities

Main ability


  • Maestría 1 – Bifurcated Flecha, 50% Tenedor.
  • Maestría 2 – Obsidian arrowhead, 100% perforation.
  • Mastery 3 – Snap Back, extremely powerful damage advantage.
  • Dominio 4: Furious and fast, projectile velocity damage scale.
  • Maestría 5 – Manabender reactive arrow, Multiple arrow of the opposite.

Snap Back + Furious and Fast allow us to increase the damage of this ability instantly.

Secondary ability

It literally does not matter, use what you want.


Savage cargo ship

  • Mastery 1: Assassin’s Momentum, an amazing speed booster that allows us to make expeditions much faster.
  • Master 2: Know your enemy, good defensive cover against wizards and archers.
  • Maestría 3 – It really does not matter, take Mala medicine and your other ability can be developed.
  • Maestría 4 – It does not matter, choose what it is.
  • Maestría 5 – The precision of salvation, free criticism.
  • Maestría 6 – Rapid Shot, proj speed = damage scale.
  • Maestría 7 – Baba Yaga, free elite injury.
  • Maestría 8 – Load without the top end, all the extra projects you need.


45 Furia

  • 10% critical
  • 50% attack speed for your primary ability.
  • A 50% double damage from the sailor is inflicted on your next launch when you use a Tumble.

25 Destruction

  • 12.5% ​​attack speed.
  • A little damage to the sailor.
  • 50% of project speed, great damage benefit.

Ancestors’ inheritance

A Manabender:

  • Experienced hunter: 5% attack speed, 15% armor pencil, taken to reach the next knot.
  • Elemental exchange: aura that doubles your manna cost, the arrow price will cost 1336 manna with this ability.
  • The Legacy of Reapersmith: a little free magic hearing on the side.

Other options:

  • Burning Shadow: Large gross damage of 50% and benefit of 100% critical damage with a recycling period, very powerful, but not 100% of the activity time.
  • Slormitologen: volume of articles, slormandrit hearing and gold hearing.
  • Pain Weaver: 10% gross damage, elite damage and manna regeneration.

Prioritization of team statistics

Statistics are absolutely mandatory

  • Probability of recovery to 100%.
  • Probability of bifurcation to 50%.

A shot of Mana Leech and a shot of Life Leech, intend to take you through your episodes as quickly as possible to unlock your rare / magic slots.

Example of a large team ->

Offensive statistics

  • Projectile velocity
  • Critical probability
  • Critical damage
  • Probability of ancestral strike
  • Damage to the elite
  • Attack speed

Defensive stats

  • Maximum service life
  • Elite damage reduction

These are among the most optional, you can leave them standing if you feel comfortable, once you can kill it fast enough, it does not matter so much.

It’s good to have statistics

Sailor statistics

  • +5 is what you use

Domain statistics

  • +2 arrow shots
  • +2 Tumble if you want a better time

Attribute statistics

Legendary opportunities

Keep in mind that this construction does not require legendary, but you can make it much more powerful and smooth its progress if you have it.

Free one shot statistics

Several projects are always good

Get rid of arrows faster, worse = more damage

More caidas

Mas daño

Elite large sword skeletons should disappear in Wrath 10, it’s a good idea to have this to avoid losing your race before an unarmed engineer.

Can help with the damage of a single target

We achieve a lot of success, we beat the gold winner and we cultivate it.

how 2 play

  • Always perform the prison expedition, have a much more comfortable design to start quickly.
  • Spam Tumble for more damage and speed of movement.
  • Break through the walls to do more damage with Snap Back passive.

Do not let these types hit you, you are likely to die.

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