The Sims 4 player recreates Starbucks

Players in Los Sims 4 love recreating real-world locations, whether it’s the Love Island villa or a fully functional Binley Mega Chippy.

One of the few things these two places have in common is that they both have meeting places, places where the Sims can relax and socialize the stress level of their nine to five.

Now a new creation has been added to the list of real-world options that Sims have when it comes to the world.

Get ready to order your next Simuccino

This fresh space is the work of creator JCTekkSims, which has a range of realistic themed venues, including several McDonald’s restaurants and 7-Eleven service stations, which are already on the Sims estate.

The final incorporation is another series of mods designed to bring the Starbucks coffee chain to the Sims and call it “Starbucks # 2”, which gives players, as it were, to look forward to, a fully furnished coffee establishment.

Similar to JCTekkSims’ previous two Starbucks creations, called “Starbucks # 1” and “Starbucks Concept Restaurant”, the design of this latest Starbucks combines elements from the real world of restaurants with some modifications of the creator’s own imagination.

The immersion is also perfect, which includes everything from parking for the disabled to less than legally removed from the display, even if you are not guaranteed to be caught in traffic and have your name written on the check in the cup.

There is also a drive-thru, though if it is fully functional, there is still a mystery that you will have to solve yourself.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a more retro Sims experience, cafeterias are also available with mods for The Sims 2, where the “Central Perk” ecruby naffy brings Friends’ infamous cat into play.

So be prepared, grab a cup and be sure to follow up for more Sims updates, in addition to covering the equally bizarre modding communities in Elden Ring and Skyrim.

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