The Shueisha editorial staff (Dragon Ball, Naruto, My Hero Academia) has created a video game division

Shueisha, the Japanese editorial staff responsible among other things for Shonen Jump magazine and its various publications, announced that it had created a division specifically dedicated to video games last February. Shueisha is responsible for publishing Dragon Ball, Naruto, Kimetsu no Yaiba, My Hero Academia, and many other manga licenses.

The intention is to “grow your business in video games”, and to offer support and assistance to various developers, artists, novelists and other creators to produce video games. Currently, he is working on “more than a dozen games”, including several without advertising.

Games announced include Captain Velvet Meteor: The Jump+ Dimension, a tactical action game slated to launch this summer on Nintendo Switch; The Tower: To The Bottom, an oversight roguelike with an estimated launch date of 2022; ONI, a 3D action game also planned for this year and UKIYO, a “Japanese-style” cyberpunk adventure for 2023.

Additionally, there are at least two “large-scale” projects that are yet to be discovered: one for mobile phones and another with platforms yet to be confirmed.

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