The SHIB donation portal is proposed as a supplement to the Shiba Burn portal

The launch of the Shiba Inu Burn Portal was widely recommended by members of the Shiba community, who continue to support abrupt exercises, but could a SHIB donation portal add more to the exercise portal?

That is the opinion of Trophias, a member of Shiba Defense Breed, who, as much as on SHIB Discord as on Twitter Spaces in April, was in favor of a donation portal instead of the most sought-after SHIB.

Planet Crypto spoke with Trophias about its donation portal concept and how the community can help make it a reality.

SHIB donation portal proposal

“As you can see, I do not like thirst,” Trophias said.

“It’s not just eating the thirst, it’s the fact that they are doing wrong. It is not doing as it is planted.”

For Trophias, the standard for SHIB drought comes from Vitalik Buterin, who destroyed 410 billion SHIBs in a massive drought in May 2021. In addition, SHIB also donated 50 billion to charitable organizations. “VB did it this way and we will not do it. VB has sent us a message. Donated funds to India COVID Relief Fund, ”said Trophias.

Looking at the 25 million SHIBs killed through the Shiba Burn portal, Trophias says it is “surprising that we have died so much without anything intended for a donation to a good cause or charity. “.

This is where the idea of ​​a Shiba donation portal comes in. It would be a place where SHIB titles would have the opportunity to send tokens, which would then be sent to a beneficial organization as a donation from Shiba Inu.

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Trophias highlighted the importance of decentralization through a common donation fund. “You can keep it there until society decides,” he said, referring to Doggy DAO as a potential medium for this.

“It would be good for society to decide on some organizations that will benefit those who want to participate. It is for Alzheimer’s disease, cancer research, mental health or a beneficial organization for dogs. Devils, we are a puppy, we are does not?

Currently, Shiba Inu has some donation support on its website, which includes titles to donate to the Shiba Inu Rescue Association through Amazon Smile. Without restrictions, it uses Amazon as a vehicle for donation instead of SHIB itself.

Regardless of their own opinions, Trophias acknowledged the community’s support for the more needy. What it offers is a hybrid donation portal that can split the sent SHIB between donations and others. “Sometimes there’s a slashing bar. You have to donate at least 60% and then the 40%. If you want to donate 80%, you can donate 20%,” he suggested, giving an example of how things could work.

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Neither Trophias nor the official SHIB team is currently setting up a donation portal that will allow the community to approach the defense and crime schemes with suggestions. This is similar to how the Shiba Burn Portal was created, which is hosted on ShibaSwap, and works with a third token, Ryoshi Vision.

“SHIB is a decentralized SHIB,” he said. “Everyone can build it. In fact, we enjoy it. Come and work with us to build something amazing. And come and talk to Defense Breed if you have something going on, an idea or even comments. We will not oppose him. “

He also added that from a security perspective some additional elements would be needed. “You have to put a multisig on the donation ticket,” he said. “It must be protected, and it must function and do what is designed to be completely transparent to the members of society.”

Trophias also said that a Certik revision would be required for a collaboration with ShibaSwap. “It is not our requirement. It is a demand of society. I think anything that affects ShibaSwap should have a Certik revision, which I agree with. Security was the first in an era where people would buy tickets. Multisig is simply an objection ”.

Trophias also referred to the greater marketing potential of donations compared to quemadura. “The world lives by giving, the world does not live thirsty,” he said.

“If someone gives and helps someone, it is better reflected in the crypto community. And if you give it more attention to the cryptocurrency community, you will be respected much more.”

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