The second-best Vanguard-rated player was taken to make trouble

Vanguard Rated Play is a success among gamers who want to get their competitive dose of Call of Duty. With its own ranking system along with the rules used in the Call of Duty League (CDL), the mode offers the perfect alternative to casual gaming.

If Warzone presents Ricochet anti-cheat, Vanguard players are still looking forward to getting into multiplayer mode as they begin to find more cheaters during their classified game.

As season 3 approached the start, a player who took second place in the world rankings was caught using software that allowed opponents to see through the walls.

Tramposo Vanguard classified game

The player known as ‘pplehx’ showed off his abilities during a transmission, and after returning to appear in action, froze his game and revealed red squares describing the four opponents. In an attempt to figure out his actions, the player questioned why his “game always fails”.

The clip quickly generated many responses from the competitive environment. A user began to ask when the anti-fraud system would arrive at Vanguard, after rumors spread that it had arrived at the start of season 2 to February 14th. Despite the rumors, Sledgehammer Games and Activision have kept quiet about when Ricochet will appear in Vanguard multiplayer mode.

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When’s Anti-Cheat coming to Vanguard?

With season 2 in its final phase, the chances of Ricochet anti-cheating disappear before season 3 begins. With the advent of multiple traps in multiplayer mode, Vanguard-ranked Play fans expect Sledgehammer Games to intervene before the issue returns unchecked.

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