The sale of Shiba Metaverse land is underway

Sales of Shiba Inu Lands for the event have been delayed since the launch scheduled for the weekend.

Referring to a “slight delay”, Trophias, a member of Shiba Defense Breed, announced the announcement of SHIB Metaverse on the Discord server at 5:17 UTC Monday.

Here is a closer look at the sale of real estate.

Shiba land sale delayed

The rapid release on Shiba Discord does not provide complete reasons beyond the demo. Without embargo, Trophias declared:

We are actively working to launch this first phase as soon as possible.

Trophias also assured those who had blocked LEASH and Shiboshi NFT that given the 72 hours prior access, there would be plenty of opportunities for these people to purchase land.

Without a doubt, this may be a small benefit for those in the Shiba community waiting for the launch. After Shiboshi’s NFTs last 35 minutes, some SHIB users may be tempted to update the website and Discord to be among the first to make their offer.

Without a specific date for the delayed sale of the land, it is possible that this expectation should be extended a little longer.

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No doubt others on the LEASH Discord channel sympathized with the development team. “I would rather have a late launch than one with bugs,” announced a member of Defense Breed. Take the attention that Axie Infinity Ronin’s violation received, and ensuring that there is no risk of robbery is likely a priority for the team.

Scheduled to launch this weekend, this iba land sale will be the first phase of SHIB: The Metaverse

The SHIB team also said it will announce a AAA developer who will take control of the art direction of the event. The team says this will happen last week, but has not yet revealed the investigation involved.

If it could have been a quiet day for the Shiba Metaverse, SHIB titles will receive an update on Shibarium. In a new blog post revealed, Unification SHIB is developing the Layer-2 user interface along with more information about its launch plan.

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