The Quarry Review: hundirse o nadar

There is something special about the way Supermassive Games builds their worlds. To take the amazing and add basic actions and characters, take the unreal and make it real. The Quarry is an extension of this, which in many ways has succeeded in the failure of The Dark Pictures Anthology. That is not the only natural conclusion of So far, but one of the best intentions that the study has made.

Talk too much about the history of a game as it would stare at a large part of the attraction. You are constantly asking what is going on and what creation has stopped you during the last half hour.

In short: The Quarry makes you play as nine study counselors at Hacket’s Quarry, an isolated camp where children come during the summer to do activities and learn new skills.

A twisted start

The last day, one of the students came up with a twisted plan to sabotage the car and keep it there for another day. To pursue a romance that seems to be coming to an end, plan to have a few drinks, eat snacks, and celebrate the end of your summer.

As if to wait, this plan does not come to a good result now that terrible creatures are approaching in the forest and the figures are watching you from a distance. The quarry is as much a tribute to the great horror as a return to its tropics. The section for the characters and the situations to look forward to, then they come back to this.

Well, the game lets you give back. If there is a need, you can always drop every QTE, split everything and kill everything as fast as possible. If you’ve played Until Dawn or The Dark Pictures Anthology, you have a rough idea of ​​how the game works. It’s flooded with opportunities, QTE and warnings to fail. With 18 different endings, your ability to pick your own story is clear.

Understand the context

I’ve always had a little trouble playing Supermassive games. It’s about going the best way, saving everyone and leaving them alive. The Quarry is the first time I was able to connect completely with my choices. Instead of feeling guilty when something happened, I could let the story carry me with it. I’m happy to have dinner with him.

This probably has to do with his character. Where the House of Ashes would allow you to change stats and even the thoughts of its characters, The Quarry realizes that it’s only there for one night. The characters change, but they still have to evolve over the rest of their lives, regardless of how long they last in reality.

The list works well in combination, and each new pair allows for a new dynamic. In this case, not all characters are three-dimensional. The Quarry at least intended to capture an appearance and an aesthetic, and then changed the result a little. Ryan is a loner who looks black but who has a surprisingly friendly temperament under everything. Abi is creative and reflective, but also funny. These are not the end of their character arches, just a trampoline into new situations.

There is a deep empathy for their characters towards The Quarry that really shines in the way they play. Bad people are not in themselves bad, they do bad things for the right reasons. Even the worst moments in the world have to do with supervision, passivity or stupidity. Frankly, this is much more frightening than the senseless violence among their peers. Quarry is so exciting because its scenes are amazing, but the most disturbing part is how our environment and relationships make us monsters.

Greater forces

Unfortunately, not all monsters are so well told. Trying to Avoid Heavy Spoilers Here are two main pages of the forces working on The Quarry. One is haunted by the fantasies of his former lures, left empty and damaged by mistakes. The other is more or less ahí. They are overloaded with mystery and spirituality without really seeing the matched treatment that the rest of the list enjoys. In a nutshell, its reduced screen time makes sense, but it’s a shame they do not have time to fully develop.

The quarry made it too late to ignore it. Tons of details are placed in certain places, and a real charm is added in all directions, without problems, generally something goes wrong in reaction. The graphics are mostly decent, but remarkable when there is water involved. The person you interpret at all times receives matices and understanding, and sometimes the person you are talking to does not.

In this sense, you are the focal point of the whole story. The Quarry’s world is centered around you and your actions, but you can not help but ask “What happens when I do not look?” For the most part, it is able to explain these two worlds well, providing clues and evidence that provide clear contradictions and explanations. When you do not, you generally understand what makes that mystery click.

The tarot system explains this quite well. As you explore the game, you will find tarot cards that you can use at intervals in the story to reveal fragments of future decisions. If you pay attention, you can help avoid a gray destination. When you say this, you can choose to omit it altogether and go to ciegas.

illusion of choice

As you may have guessed, one of The Quarry’s greatest activists is his election campaign. The collaboration mode of the couch is now back so you can grab your friends to control certain personalities. You can choose to save your friends or let them die, just brave for yourself. Although it can take ten hours to play alone, there is so much to discover in The Quarry that you might want another trip.

Much more than any of the previous Supermassive Games launches, I would see every little detail. It feeds off goteo pieces of information and allows you to really digest the story that has in front of you. It contains the information needed to make decisions, but does not explain the seriousness of the same until the end.

In this sense, you get pretty good on the skin on the camp monitors. When I started, I always felt confused, someone was exploring a country I should not have. I know my decisions have consequences that I can not understand, and the somewhat horrific consequences of your decisions are surprisingly fascinating.

Only food continued to explore through the “road system”. Designed in old school videotapes, you can see their past decisions and some of their implications. It also entails the next main choice, which allows you to see where they have made their decisions. This is an excellent incentive to keep looking and excellent for another game.

Result The Quarry The Quarry is the supermassive game that I’ve been looking for since Hasta el Amanecer. It has a good rhythm, is well-balanced and, most importantly, really exciting. Some weird features and inconsistent graphics made me feel a little, but this is the funniest thing I’ve had in a long time with a game like this. personal computer

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