The present battle surroundings of “Pokemon SV”, Kairyu 1 is just too sturdy and it’s fully damaged wwwwwww

Since there isn’t any dymax, it’s sturdy that the approach could be tied up within the encore,
Multi-scale, bounce and slip are as sturdy as ever,
It is robust even should you hit it usually,
Strong as a result of there are lots of issues you are able to do and you may’t learn patterns
Of course, it’s also sturdy to vary the kind and keep on the terrace

The power of such Kairyu is broadly recognized,
present sturdy opponents
It looks as if nearly each get together has a dragonfly
Wwwwwwwwww within the strongest matchless state

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Reactions to this text

・To suppose that Kairyu might be in his prime right here😨

・Why is Kairyu so sturdy?
Multiscale, Normal Terrastal Shinsoku is just sturdy?

・↑ And on the dragon’s wings and easy axis
There are about 5 sturdy katas by freely placing one approach into the free body
extraordinarily sturdy

・It is not possible until it’s a easy surroundings of about fifth technology

・Angkor nerf😠

・Paradox and Junden may also take part on this.

・I managed to restrict it with 4x weak factors and fairies
If the 600 household dragon may freely change its sort
That’s what it is like


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