The Pokémon World Tournament “Pokémon WCS” will be held in Japan for the first time in history in 2023! In addition, the latest footage of “Pokemon Scarlet Violet” has also been released!

from Twitter

Japan! !

Held in Japan! ! This is going to be exciting! ! !

Seriously! Do you have to play pokemon?

Masuda’s hometown!

I’m really looking forward to seeing Pokemon Trainers from all over the world gather in Yokohama! !

I’m getting nauseous ah ah ah
It’s an expedition ah ah ah! ! !

I thought I was going to the venue from Kuchiba City by St. Anne, but was it Yokohama, the model of Kuchiba City?

definitely go play

The Pokémon World Championship will be held in Yokohama next year!
This is going to be a blast!
Yaruo jumps out of the ground Gogogo

It seems interesting that the new technique of replacing and replacing can do bad things
Husband who doesn't do Guess face counter

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