The Outlaws update from No Man’s Sky lets you live life like a space pirate

No Man’s Sky has announced its update number 19, titled Outlaws, and it’s now available, meaning space exploration simulator fans can experience new emotions with pirate themes right now. This happens after the creator of No Man’s Sky, Sean Murray, wants to share a pirate flag emoji on his Twitter the other day, and we know exactly why he did it: space pirates!

Sean Murray detailed what fans can expect from No Man’s Sky Outlaws on the PlayStation blog, where it is revealed that the game will now have smuggled goods, NPC recruitment and greatly improved space combat.

The players can not only fight against the space pirates, but they can also convert to one and form their own team in this rather powerful update.

No Man’s Sky Forajidos Update

As space pirates, players can take part in new pirate missions through the game’s forged stations. This is where No Man’s Sky fans can see if a pirate’s life is for them. Even if it is not, the game offers a lot of freedom, which means you can still enjoy the improved controls in the spaceship or the other enhancements that come with this update.

You can download the No Man’s Sky Outlaws update right now on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and PC. Man’s Sky will also arrive on the Nintendo Switch, though a fixed launch date for that port has not yet been announced.

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