the old MechDonald had a farm

Today, it seems that for the first time since the vultures of the Old West, agriculture is finally back in fashion, with the Stardew Valley and Farming Simulator series getting a large number of followers to offer agricultural entertainment to gamers. .

Lightyear Frontier, a close-up of the Swedish studio Frame Break title that was shown during the Xbox and Bethesda Showcase on Sunday and will arrive in the spring of 2023, does not exactly mimic the successful formulas for any of these games, although they are based on what I’ve seen, it’s not a bad thing.

In turn, with this title, the little Scandinavian developer is supposed to embrace the established forms of genre and philosophy in the design of modern games to create something completely unique. The question is, can Lightyear Frontier do it without ceasing to be attractive to players?

Thank God I’m a field boy (rum)

First, we start discussing how players say they will end up in the industry with interesting farming, because yes, that’s what Lightyear Frontier is all about. Slowly, the experience of being created from the birth of seeds of extraterrestrial henna will be like looking forward to another game. Your trip to Lightyear Frontier will begin with a high-speed collision between your ship and one of the many planets in the game, leaving the surface with what is most likely a satisfying metal sound.

From here, your journey to convert to an agrarian begins, first finding the remains of your starship that will serve you as a base for operations in the first place, that is, until you can build a custom farm as large as a granary. . Regardless of its temporal nature, this residence will allow you to begin to engage with the elaboration techniques that are fundamental to your farming experience. They already use the surveying station to make plans that will inform their investments in construction and the technical improvements that can be used in the house garage, or simply to have fun when the day turns into a night, as if they should have a center for inmediato. will be important to your Lightyear Frontier experience.

Even if you do not want to immerse yourself in the creation of the moment, it will give you a place from which you can venture out into the world and explore, as well as go back once you have had your daily reason to see, what you can do. to find. When you say this, it seems that you do not want to spend too much time in the interior, and that exploring the planet in an abandoned state is the key to finding the resources you need to start a successful life. From plants to materials and even animals, much of what you find while walking will be helpful in establishing your farm and protecting it from environmental hazards. In addition, you do not have to worry about getting lost in the farthest reaches of open space and not being able to find your way back to base, so a satellite IA called Piper and a drone will allow you to get an aerial view of things, it will help you get home.

Bring me home, alienated biomass

Hogaren is where the aspect of the game that could be said to stand out more in the trailers, the mechanism, really seems to capture significance. Yes, it’s the name of the robotic exoqueleto that you take and that will serve you as the most important medium to do all the things that any good farmer needs to do to grow a healthy hoe. Already by spreading seeds to the floor with the seed thrower, holding with the rake handle, collecting debris through the fun vacuum shutter or using one of the other tools that can be connected to its hangers, the robot appears to be the peg. which unites the jugability of Lightyear Frontier. It is also very adaptable with updates that change the shape so that new “transformation modes” and plant-based paintings can be applied to the materials to change its appearance to suit your taste.

The latter option is related to another key principle of Lightyear Frontier, which is its philosophy with respect for the environment. According to its developers, the game is designed to be a “tribute to nature”, creating an atmosphere of green finger-happiness in a way that will attract beautiful biomass while listening to an organic country soundtrack, which I think means Johnny Cash with aggregator. Now, many may see this as resembling Stardew Valley, especially considering that both games ensure that players can not die in the traditional sense, but that they repeat contracts that fine the dissatisfied player with a limited amount of a resource in particular. There is no doubt an area that can help dampen these comparisons if it works well.

Stories after a shooting star

This area is the narrative element of Lightyear Frontier, which will apparently be separate from the primary farming game and involve solving some sort of mystery related to the strange alien ruins that you will find while exploring. The exact details of what this will mean are vague, but it can be said that it is the greatest opportunity to differentiate Lightyear Frontier from the established agricultural masses and attract the basic type of unconditional fanatics who drive the most successful independent launches. If the mysterious promise of this tale, possibly based on mazmorras, can intrigue and convince players, especially those who play a little Farming Simulator or Stardew, to test the game, its judgeability is apparently quite versatile, so it can be customized lonely. adventure o Building a collaborative community of up to four players through groups of shared resources, as if it could have enough to satisfy everyone.

Without hesitation, it’s a great one, especially considering the rather wide selection of Lightyear Frontier compared to the pair of titles with them, I compared to the length of this preview, which captures a very well-defined vision with applause. So at this point I still do not quite care about Lightyear Frontier. ¿Its mission to do something different and combine generations will ensure that an aspiring expert is hired in all offices that lack the type of strong niche that may be needed to win a big impulse, or players will seize the chance to take their chances. farmers to a higher level? level of interest? Suppose we tend to wait until the spring of 2023 to see.

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