The official explains why “Seeker Tower” and “Pita Rock” disappeared from The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom!I see…

The director of “The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom” reveals that “The expertise of the Seeker tribe has served its objective and disappeared.”A daring determination for a brand new recreation

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In “Breath of the Wild”, the “Seeker Stone” left behind by the traditional Seeker tribe seems. Seeker objects resembling Magnecatch and Vitalock have been out there.Meanwhile, in Tears of the Kingdom, the Seeker Stone is changed by an analogous terminal, the Pull-A-Pad. Puruapad additionally has Utsushie and map features, however the seeker merchandise has disappeared. Similarly, the weapons “Guardian” left behind by the traditional Sheikah tribe and the “Seeker Towers” scattered all through the area have additionally disappeared.

So, what occurred to the expertise of the traditional Sheikah tribe between the earlier work and Tears of the Kingdom?Hidemaro Fujibayashi, the director of the earlier work and this work, has revealed the reply. According to Fujibayashi, the expertise of the traditional Sheikah tribe disappeared after Calamity Ganon was sealed away in Breath of the Wild.

Mr. Fujibayashi saysPeople throughout Hyrule witnessed it, however nobody is aware of the mechanism behind its disappearance, and it stays a thriller even throughout the recreation world. Also, unusual occurrences are commonplace in Hyrule, and other people have easy concepts in regards to the causes for such phenomena. It is believed that the expertise of the traditional Sheikah tribe was created in such a method that it could disappear as soon as it accomplished its position in sealing away Calamity Ganon, and nobody appeared to have tried to discover its mechanism any additional.

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I want they might have defined Purua’s diary, Impa in Kakariko Village, and Mitsuba-chan in Rumor… It’s good that the thriller was solved.

Seeker expertise can warp individuals to distant locations
Seeker Tower, shrine → returned to underground (above the underground?)
Guardian → Warp to hangar
Seeker Stone → Warp to the Shrine of Rebirth or Purua is modified (the chance appears low)

I really feel sort of unhappy that it disappeared (´・ω・`)
Will this be the final Guardian within the Hateno Ancient Research Institute?

I believed pull-a-pat and warp belonged to seekers.

I’m glad that you simply have been capable of present a correct reply by ensuring that the rationale for the disappearance within the specs was constant…

Well, I wished to listen to it in-game.

I see, I used to be questioning the place that tower disappeared to, however I assume that is what occurred.
Well, the position was accomplished within the earlier work.
Yaruo smiling in front of PC

I really feel like the reason is a bit missing…
Well, it out of the blue appeared, so it is pure for it to out of the blue disappear…?
Husband who doesn't do it, folds his arms, sweats

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