The New York Times buys Wordle

The free game wordlewhich has been quite a phenomenon in recent weeks, was picked up by The New York Times for an unconfirmed “seven-figure” number.

Word instructs players to identify a daily, five-letter word in six attempts. It was launched last October by developer Josh Wardle. It quickly grew from around 300,000 users to millions of players.

The New York Times did not detail what will happen to the game after purchase, according to which was marked that the purchase “reflects the growing importance of crucigrams and puns in the company’s mission to grow its digital subscriptions to 10 million by 2025”.

Wardle also confirmed the purchase on Twitterclaiming that “while it has been amazing to watch Wordle grow, I also overdid it a bit. After all, I’m just one person, and it’s important for me to conform to Wordle crezca, like give everyone a great experience.”

The Wordle author has also confirmed that he wants to make the game available for free. However, it’s unclear if The New York Times will keep it that way. Wardle confirmed that “it will work to ensure shots and points are maintained” when the game moves to the new website. However, The New York Times only confirmed that the game would be “initially” free.

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