The new version of House of the Dead – All finals and routes

Sega’s arcade-zombie escape game has recovered from its effects, and we hope all the alternatives The finale of the remake of The House of the Dead tener también. We know the idea is in the game, but we do not know how many there are. Until we arrive with certainty, list all the latest issues of House of the Dead Remake that we got from the original title.

The original port on the arcade cabinet version included three different finishes. The courses and unlocking methods were not difficult to distinguish, but only a handful of players could find none except the first. These are the steps you need to follow to see the three confirmed finishes of House of the Dead Remake.

The House of the Dead Remake is a rare re-introduction of a League of Gun game. As such, we do not have many alternatives to stand out at present. Instead, check out our Dead by Daylight code page and enjoy some great options in the popular multiplayer terror game.

All House of the Dead Remake Finals and Routes

It is worth noting that until the game launches and we have the means to test these routes adequately, the finale of House of the Dead Remade and sequel is not technically confirmed.

They are taken directly from the original Sega Saturn version of the game. It can be added, deleted or changed in this new version, but we do not know for sure until the game is in our hands.

The end of the mansion – Finally neutral

This is the pre-determined final screen of The House of the Dead remake. To get this, you must first complete the game after using at least one sequel. As you can imagine, the original designers did not expect to do without one.

Sophie is alive Finale – Good finale

To get this classic finale of The House of the Dead remake, all you have to do is complete the game without using a single sequel. You must also score 60,000 points at the same time, so you get your goal in order and save the civilians.

Zombie Sophie Final – Bad finale

If you manage to complete the game without continuing to spend but not reaching 60,000 points, you will see a finale that represents Sophie as a zombie.

Unfortunately, it is possible that the final routes for House of the Dead have been changed to this new version. It was advertised as a faithful recreation, but when it was reconstructed from scratch, new finals could have been added, routes or missions could have changed, or the scoring system could have been recalculated. Only time will tell, but we will make sure to include any and all of the changes discovered here.

And that’s obviously all that needs to be said about the theme of the finale of The House of the Dead Remake at the moment. If you are looking for similar course games, we suggest you look for the codes for The Presentation Experience. It’s a Roblox game, of course, but it’s just as fun as this new version of the Sega arcade classic.

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