The new Scarlet and Purple Pokémon are coming to Switch in 2022

Everything seems to indicate that during Pokémon Presents, that spot will announce a lot of news regarding Arceus lately. Finally it was, surprising about all the publication of an update that will be completely free and which will be called Hisui’s despair† That is, it won’t add too much content.

Since many users still taste this latest delivery with a very good judgment, but with a technical twist already quite desirable, Game Freak did not hesitate to announce a novelty that overshadowed all the brilliance. We refer to a delivery with two separate editions which are presumably the light can only be seen on Nintendo Switch

This is Scarlet and Purple Pokémon, members of the 9th generation† Bearing in mind that Game Freak does not tend to experience delays in its development, the most likely date is that it will be met, although it is not exact: end of the year 2022. So, following others deliveries, it will arrive shortly before the Christmas campaign begins.

Just as it was foretold, there will be no other sandbox like Arceus Legends, but an RPG as those for those who have accustomed us to this successful franchise. Without restrictions, there will be specific details of the final title that give the player a lot of freedom.

While there won’t be such an extensive exploration component, the world will be open and the different cities will be connected without having to go through small cargo screens. aunt, the closed areas are preserved as typical for RPGs

There will be new creations in all of them, although the company prefers not to reveal who the final number will be. Now we have to conform to knowing the name, physical appearance and some characteristics of the first three pokemon† The first is Fuecoco, a small cocodrilo weighing about ten kilos.

While the Fire-type Pokémon is usually preferred by the players, don’t forget Sprigatito and Quaxly, a cat and a duck who each feed on plants and water. The designs are quite beautifulso it will be difficult for them to choose those gamers left by the appearance of the creatures to choose the one who will accompany them until their adventure.

The ad went wild with a trailer that technically has a better taste in the mouth compared to Pokémon Legends: Arceus, though it’s prized for flaws in polishing, especially the war’s teeth.

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