The new Ricochet feature disarms Warzone’s trampolines

Activision continues to fight against those who use tricks in Warzone games.

As attention is drawn to the launch of Season 4, the Ricochet anti-cheat team has revealed more than 180,000 bans for Call of Duty hackers, which is good news for those looking forward to the launch. of the Fortune’s Keep card and a brand new Battlefield.

While the kits continue to frustrate legitimate players, Ricochet will not hold back his fight as the Pacific era enters its final stages. In a recent blog post, anti-cheating will present a feature that will disarm the tramp, making them extremely easy to kill.

Restore deactivation function

Weapons control measures are an excellent way to prevent anyone using aimbots from incurring unnatural levels of damage from any rank.

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In addition to weapons, Disarm including those that press the trigger, leaving vulnerabilities to any kind of damage. The following video shows how Disarm will work during a party.

Ricochet says that “many clips of this do not expect to find their way online, but we have seen it in action and the reactions of the sloppy do not always have a price”.

The video is very promising for those who say the number of scams has increased in recent months. In addition to its new innovations, Ricochet allows players to instantly use the player information feature in the game to ensure that threshold levels are kept low.

Disarmament is a cover feature that makes legitimate players invisible to the Warzone hacker, leaving them unable to use any kind of aimbot or wall pirate to their advantage.

As long as the atmosphere changes with the launch of Warzone 2, you’ll be happy to know that Ricochet is coming to the new game as soon as it launches, which means computer pirates are already on the defensive.

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