The new model of PS5 is shipped! It’s improved in a good way!

PS5 new minor change model succeeded in reducing manufacturing cost, disassembled video released

PS5 new model minor change manufacturing cost Image related to disassembly-03

According to the article

・PS5 new minor change model “CFI-1200” started shipping in Australia.A disassembly video by a fan has been posted immediately

・This machine has become a hot topic for being about 600 grams lighter than the initial model, but Sony has realized efficiency and energy saving inside the hardware as if to back it up.Power consumption has been reduced by about 10%, and it is believed that manufacturing costs have also been reduced.

・The most noticeable difference is the size reduction due to a significant change in the heat sink and motherboard layout.Even after the change, the heat and noise output seem to be the same as the old model

・The power consumption during “Astro’s Playroom” is reduced by 20-30% compared to “CFI-1100”

“CFI-1200” teardown video

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Raise prices while lowering production costs! This is what we call a corporate effort! w

It’s always the first model that costs the most.

Do you think that miniaturizing the motherboard costs extra money?I don’t think the cost will be reduced that much.

↑ Agree

Less power consumption

Lighter weight, lower power consumption…
How are you? ?
twenty one

Well, I’m going to raise the price, Yaruo-san
I don’t think it’s because of this minor change, but… No, I don’t care, just let me buy it at the store as usual.

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