The new expansion to No Man’s Sky is called “Desolation” and comes with improved combat and more

No Man’s Sky receive a new free update that enhances the combat experience and deepens the space exploration capabilities called “Destruction».

What can we expect from No Man’s Sky: Desolation?

No Man’s Sky: Desolation we note that they have been detected in the extended cargo hold, abandoned at least by their semi-deactivated safety systems and malfunctioning IA drones. Be prepared to avoid all these dangerous environments, lit only by emergency lighting reflective suit. There are also rumors that some ships have been transformed into nests of strange and hostile creatures.

As a large part of the universe No Man’s Sky, each load will be generated procedurally. There is an infinity of interiors to explore, with procedurally generated crew stories and the ability to add parts to the cargo to enhance the ships to our liking.

In addition, there is one great variety of features and improvements in quality of lifeincluding customizing your own carrier, as well as improvements in weapons and combat.

The team continues to work on several updates and has planned major launches for the rest of the year.

The game arrived last month on Xbox Game Pass and Windows 10, and the player base is now over one million. Also thanks for the crossword puzzle, Hi games has caused the greatest influence from players in its history, all playing together regardless of the platform.

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