The new Egosoft is here, X4: Foundations

X4: Foundations will be the first X that allows you to create and expand your empires freely

Egosoft has announced X4: Foundations, the fourth installment of its X-Series, where players can rule an empire or explore space in the first person. Players will have the opportunity to fly each ship, switch and fight to build their empire with modular construction stations.

X4: Foundations will have a large selection of ships that we can control from the view of the cabin or from an external space. We also have some models of drones and utility vehicles that can be remotely controlled by the player.

We will be free to take off from a fleet, climb a ladder, walk over the edge of a large space station to another fleet that we have stationed there, and copy the pilot who worked for us, simply by choosing his seat .

The stations can be built using a large number of modules, whether it is for production, living sections, ponds, etc. The ships will also have a wide range of enhancements such as engines, weapons and other equipment that can be added to the graphic editor and see in real time what is in the ship.

X4: Foundations will be the first in the saga that will allow their characters and actions to create and expand their empires freely. The races expand their empire based on the summit and demand, winning the title in the most dynamic way that has happened so far, where every action the player takes will affect the entire course of the universe. As he has named them, it becomes one SANDBOX GAME STARTER.

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