The network is bursting with criticism for Elden Ring’s poor performance

It is important to believe that a title that has not stopped receiving ten from some of the specialist press has a fairly mediocre note on a platform as reliable in this sense as Steam, which can only focus on users who have played the title. But what is certain is that of the 97 out of 100 who gave them the means of communication, the 66 percent of gamers satisfied

In principle, the assessments come from the implementation. But how is it possible that the press does not take these issues into account when analyzing Elden Ring? It is the fruit of running the video game on high end computers which give a good result even with very demanding titles, as is the case.

The opposite happens with those computers whose hardware is not very powerful. In fact, even with some already producing contract terms regarding performance, specifically accusing: a cup of photos per second too unstable

In fact, these problems very often arise in rooms other than their interiors. That is, when the user enjoys open world exploration Elden Ring seems practically indestructible, as evidenced by many afflicted gamers.

Of course, there are some internet users who share methods to solve this problem. The system that seems to work consists of clicking the ‘Research’ button of the executable on the Game carpet in Steamapps/Common/Elden Ring and accessing the options to activate ‘High Performance’ as follows.

Without restrictions, this measure does not seem enough for many people who follow without being able to enjoy a title for which they have paid around sixty euros. Naturally, on Steam, several devotions of those affected have been producedwhile acknowledging that the Valve platform will refund the money entered if the user does not play with the purchased product for more than two hours.

Inevitably, a title like Elden Ring does a great job later on and precisely because it is so well received by users and those who work well. Unfortunately, there are many PC gamers and even consoles who are not satisfied with the technical problems of those who play the video game in adolescence

FromSoftware has already been mentionedregret the errors arising from poor optimization and announce that a park will be launched in the coming days to correct this.

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