The National Library will keep a copy of all video games developed in Spain as part of cultural heritage

The National Library will now be obliged to keep a copy of all video games developed in Spain as part of our country’s cultural heritage.

This initiative to reform the functions of legal deposit was approved by the Culture Commission of the Congress of Deputies, with thirty votes in favor and only five against, having voted against the only ultraderecha party Vox.

The bill, according to reports ECE, “considera necesaria” the retention of identification and all video games. Although they were considered to be included among the audiovisual documents, not everything was recorded, which motivated its inclusion in this important reform.

After approval by the Culture Commission, the bill will have to be ratified in the Senate. In full swing, all video games produced in Spain must be submitted to its legal deposit, and the National Library will keep a digital copy in the register and, if necessary, also a physical copy.

This measure is an important step forward in the preservation of video games in particular and culture in general in our country, as well as demonstrating the ever-increasing role that video games have in the Spanish cultural heritage.

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