The multiplayer arrives in Stardew Valley in August

Ready to farm with colleagues? The cooperative multiplier is already in the back corner Stardew Valley, currently for the PC version. The update that adds multiplayer brings August 1st. Console players, including Switch owners, will tend to adhere to a “soon”.

The multiplayer for Stardew Valley is already a reality

Developer ConcernedApe announced today with a short trailer showing the multiplayer mechanics in action.

The version 1.3, which was announced in April, adds in addition to multiplayer fishing, enjoying festivals, exploring mines and killing enemies in groups.

For those who do not know, with Stardew Valley you will inherit your grandfather’s old farm in the town of Stardew Valley. Decides to start a new life with some used tools and some money. Are you able to live on earth and transform these desolate fields into a future home?

  • Create your dream garden! Build from scratch in one of the five card configurations.
  • Master your skills with profits! Creating animals, planting crops and making useful machines among many other things.
  • Join the community! Become friends with more than 30 residents of Pelican Town.
  • Customize your farmer! You can choose from hundreds of personalization options.
  • Install and start building a family! Share your life on the farm with one of the twelve people you can have a relationship with.
  • Explore large and mysterious caves! Find dangerous monsters and valuable treasures.

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