The movie “ONE PIECE FILM RED” surpasses 10 billion yen at the box office! Is there more than demon slayer! ?

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The new movie “ONE PIECE FILM RED” is sure to be the highest income in the series despite being said for some reason!After all, it’s Ado-chan

Movie “ONE PIECE” Commemorative Illustration for Exceeding 10 Billion Yen in Box Office Released Shanks Wanted Book Drawn by Eiichiro Oda – GIGAZINE

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The new movie “ONE PIECE FILM RED” surpassed 7.2 million spectators and 10 billion yen at the box office in 20 days of its release.

In commemoration of this, a commemorative illustration by the original author Eiichiro Oda has been released.

Recorded a final box office revenue of 13.75 billion yen, surpassing the box office revenue of “Jujutsu Kaisen 0” (2021), which exceeded 10 billion yen in 43 days of release.

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A legend was born

So much I thought ado would backfire, but…hey

10 billion diva “Uta” is born! ! !

Can this page be annihilated?

10 billion yen in 20 days means 500 million yen in 1 day! ?In other words, if it is released 365 days a year, the box office revenue will be 182.5 billion yen.

Woooooo One Piece surpasses 10 billion!
It’s still growing! ! !

Is it a present for visitors, or a comic?
I want it, but I’ll go again… or…?

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