The medieval dynasty is now available in advance

Today we received a press release from Medieval Dynasty Toplitz Productions where a mezcla of the classical genre appears which will take you to the depths of the fascinating and immaculate natural world. Experimenting with the civil life of the common man in the Middle Ages; build your house, consolidate your empire and create a dynasty. The future is in your hands. Medieval dynasty impress with its wide range of playing styles so you can go different paths, which will give you unimaginable ways to achieve your individual goals.

Europe in the Middle Ages – Nobles and priests mandan, and trade between nations supports prosperity, as well as envy, mistrust and avaricia. The military conflict is on all sides and entire continents are changing.

In the medieval dynasty, it is interpreted as a young man who is tired of the war and wants to begin his own destiny. From loneliness, inexperience and poverty you will be transformed into a master with numerous abilities, a leader of your community and the founder of a prosperous dynasty that was created to last and thrive for generations.

The defense against wild animals in search of food, the acquisition of resources and the manufacture of equipment, the construction of a house and the basis of everything a bulliciosa aldea while forming a family … All this contributes to a work experience of different generations. Hard nights and unexpected successes will deprive you of your ability and your courage to fight to build your own legacy.

You can choose to follow the main chapters, solve a series of missions or simply explore the world of the Middle Ages; but be careful: maybe the wolves or the bones will take a pedestal from you …

Start with the simpler things for your own supervision, such as hunting or farming, as well as building your own home. Create a family or get an heir: Reach out to others to live close to you and work for you, lift many other constructions to make your settlement a dynamic aldea and finally a flower dynasty that will reign for generations.

A giant open medieval world in 3D awaits you. Beware of the hardships and unexpected successes as you perfect your skills to become a medieval supervisor to become ruler of a dynasty. Take your hammer, hammer or hunting bow and create your legacy!

The medieval dynasty is a unique combination of several generations of success:

  • Supervision: The need to survive, feed and guarantee supervision through hunting, farming and cultivating the land.
  • Simulation: Create tools and weapons, build and expand houses, establishments and all types of constructions to develop your empire.
  • Role: Develop your own personality, interact with PNJ, own your family and form community alliances that help others and act freely.
  • Strategy: As you renew yourself in the Middle Ages, you will find and expand a space, manage its inhabitants, gather resources, produce all the goods you need, and use them to trade with them.

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  • Beautiful and realistic 3D landscape in open world with adventurous graphics
  • 4 complete stations with day / night cycles and realistic climatic conditions
  • Interactive environment with trees to dig, various fruits to pick up, rocks to pick up, caves to explore and much more
  • 18 different constructions with different levels, from building blocks to stone mansions
  • More than 60 pieces of equipment to make, including weapons, tools, furniture and clothing
  • Realistic life-saving interaction with a variety of animals such as wolves, jabs, coyotes, cones and more
  • All activities will affect the state of resistance, food, water and health
  • Detailed skill tree for individual personality development
  • Unique decisions and successes with a direct impact on game mechanics
  • The dynasty’s reputation system that activates events with the king
  • Missions, trade and finance, free gaming opportunities, social connections with PNJ and more

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