The man who played “Splatoon 3” for the first time in his life feels despair…

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I started playing the original Splatoon at the age of 48, and Splatoon 3 also goes to morning training every morning.
People who are not good at kills can contribute by painting.

There’s also Hero Mode and Salmon Run, where you can test your skills to some extent, so I hope you’ll enjoy it.

For beginners who see this! Let’s play hero mode! !
It’s just after the release, and it’s a magical place where beginners and those who played past games are confused!
Therefore! Take hero mode full circle! Hero mode also serves as a tutorial. As time goes on, you can expect your player skill to improve. Don’t quit! ! !

It is not recommended for beginners to start from the first day.
Everyone starts at the same rank and Udemae, so I’m sure I’ll hit the fiercer w
So I think it’s good to do it 1-2 weeks later w
Although it might be possible for a veteran to pretend to be a beginner on purpose~

Not only for Splatoon games, fighting games will always be like this, and even if you try to expand the way you play and the number of users by implementing a story mode or a single player mode, there will always be a limit.

Isn’t that the case with most things in the world, not just games?
I think that people who lose too much while they are beginners and hate it are not suitable for competitions

in Lip
“It’s okay if you don’t give up!”
“If you contribute with painting, you can win!”
There is, but most people quit without trying hard unless they have a lot of enthusiasm.
As the fighting game matures, it becomes more difficult for newcomers to enter. (Supra has a lot of casual, so I think it’s a pretty good person

It seems that there are many people who don’t have time to play interpersonal games after becoming an adult, or who calculate backwards the time to improve and give up doing something else.
yaruo cleaning roller

e? me?
I’m very good at FPS, so I’m going wild even in Splatoon 3
Yaruo machine gun shooting dodo dodo dodo

It’s already been said, but it’s just been released, and it’s a mix of beginners and experienced players, so it must be tough for beginners.
After a while, experienced players should be able to rank higher and beginners should be able to play against beginners, so it’s a good idea to practice in hero mode for now.

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