The location of the hero rock and how it works

Hero’s Graves is one of Tunic’s many mysteries. Albergan has special items that you will use to improve your various stats and help you face tougher enemies, but these are always out of reach of those transporting you. In this guide we will explain where one can find all of Hero’s Grave locations in the Tunicand how you are supposed to carry these articles.

Due to the nature of Hero’s Graves, this guide is full of spoilers of your adventure in Tunic. If you want to avoid spoilers, come back now.


How to get articles in Hero’s Graves

When you encounter these balances for the first time in the world, it is likely that the visitors, only to find out how it is meant to bring the elements that are out of their reach on the platforms at the end of the road, where they are deformed. .

The way the winners will eventually be clarified as the game progresses and all the colored lizards have been collected.

To keep things sufficiently empty, you will eventually gain a skill that allows you to cross small spaces around the world. It’s also the way you can access the instruction pages and treasure chests that were previously inaccessible.

Where to find the rewards of all the heroes with technique and how to reach them

Page 23 of the instruction manual actually gives you clues as to where each of the six Tumbas of the Heroes is, but after the events, after you reach the three color levels, you will find the normal routes used to reach them. . has been blocked.

traces of the location of the technical hero's rocking chair

Position of the rock hero’s rocking chair (resistance)

After landing on the beach recently, you should visit the now accessible spiritual bridge in the lower right corner of the map.

Go east through the canyon and the old cemetery to the building to the north under the hills to the right. Beware of the invisible fantasy enemies attacking the cemetery!

After confronting the skeletons and other skeletal enemies at this higher level, return to the checkpoint and reach the entrance to the cathedral. Take a walk through the stalls and stalls here.

Once you have defeated the boss’ battle in the interior, you will now have the opportunity to avoid the deformation so that you can navigate through small spaces around the world. Use this newly discovered ability to launch on platforms across the arena as you battle waves of enemies.

After leaving the cathedral, look for the wooden stairs to ascend and reach the hero’s grave.

Places for tuna hero rock

To achieve this, it will dramatically increase its resistance indicator, perfect for using its new ability to avoid deformation.

Location of the rock of the hero from the eastern forest (attack)

You could say that it is the hero’s rock that is harder to reach once you get lost on the beach for the second time. For this you need one of the golden portal platforms to reach the warp center area.

From here you will now find a path to the lower right part of the main platform where you can run. Here it is and follow the path while the snake snakes its way to another portal.

Press A here to be telecommunicated to Østskoven. Now it’s just a matter of going back to where you took the sword for the first time at the beginning of the game to find the Hero’s grave here.

tumba technique of the hero in the woods at this place

This will give you the Attack Power-Up item.

Location of the cathedral’s hero’s grave (hongo / MP)

Go back to the central world and use the lower right portal here to return to the cathedral where he fought against the main library in the upper part.

Places for tuna hero rock

From where it pops up in the cathedral, walk through the wall and down through a row of books, down a flight of stairs and then another around the side of the building until you enter a room with two fixtures.

These will save you lives to the extent that you are close to them and try to fight them, but you can make it much easier if you stay away from one until you have strayed from the other to confront them one at a time.

Places for tuna hero rock

After meeting them both, you can use the Karakol ladder to reach the hero’s grave inside the cathedral and get MP Power-Up.

Location of the monastery hero’s grave (room)

For this, direct the cantera towards the northern end of the map, past the mountain gate. Equip the Carriage Fair and then lead it to the Monastery, the building with the columns next to the Grace Center in the water, and where the Carriage Fair was also found for the first time.

Take a walk through the toxic fumes until you reach the end of the room. Once you are here, an enemy of pure holiness will appear covering the end of the room. Break it down and this will remove the purulent substance, and reveal the Monastery Hero’s Tomb.

Places for tuna hero rock

This will give you the power of Poción, making your healing healings even more effective.

West Garden hero rock location (defense)

Engage in the main portal of the outer world by using the central gold portal right in the middle. From here you walk down the ramp to its exit, passing the entrance to the house and then down the stairs just before where the instruction side of the island was in the water.

Go to the exit, walk three steps on the floor and use your run on the lower part of the ramp where the treasure chest is to get to the other side of the waterfall.

Follow the bright purple line to the building and then run to the exit on the left.

Places for tuna hero rock

Now follow the path until you reach the part of the golden monument in the water, run towards it and then towards the land that lies just south.

Go up the stairs and you’ll reach the next Tonic Hero’s Grave site in the West Garden.

Places for tuna hero rock

This will give you the defense potential.

Location of the Rock of the Hero of the Eastern Cattle (HP)

Finally, use one of the golden gates to return to the warp center, then use the top gate right here to find a new one in Bóveda del Este, right next to where it crashed against the Asset Machine.

Go down the stairs here and from the living room to the terrace area.

Head northeast and down the winding path along the various slopes to reach the Hero’s Tomb at the end.

Without restraint, be careful, the monsters in the cavities will jump out of the water and drown you. Collect them quickly before trying to interact with the hero’s rock or just get stuck on the road.

Places for tuna hero rock

This is the seventh and ultimate Hero’s Grave potent you will need to get that will give you a big boost to your health bar.

Ahi tienes all Tunic Hero locations and how they work. For more tips, tricks and guides, be sure to search for dlprivate server or see more of our game coverage in the future.

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