“The Light of Darkness”, by the Brazilian studio QUARTOMUNDO, is coming to Italy.

The Nordic Game Discovery Contest (NGDC) is online and in its fifth season, and now presents its latest ranking, which has been held in Italy, just online with the DStars Connects conference.

“The light of darkness”, they QUARTOMUNDO, combines the aspects of progression, exploration and RPG from Castlevania with the history, dialogue and theories of Legacy of Cain fans. It’s a Metroidvania game inspired by classic lovers. Explore the lands of Olvido, a cursed place between the worlds of light and darkness. Play as the first and only hybrid of an exciting world with a storytelling style and a very original story.

“We could not be more comfortable with Nordic Game because we entered the competition.” The Light of Darkness “has been around for a while, but after winning NGDC under DStars in Italy, it’s like we’re really studying on the map of independent games, “says Fernando Rabello, CEO of QUARTOMUNDO. “We have received a lot of attention, and we experience many good things. From the perspective of independent developers, NGDC is simply a great initiative! ”

The game is currently available on Alpha, but you can sign up to follow it or on the Steam wishlist, and it will be updated when it arrives in Beta.

The selected game wins a place in the NGDC Grand Final in the November edition of NG21 in Malmö, Sweden, as well as prizes from Xsolla, Microsoft, WhisperGames and the specialists in RRPP, Games Branding.

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