The latest Steam update of a subscription model and a rewards system

As we can read on several English pages, Valve was able to plan one subscription model and one reward system for Steam. After the last update of the launcher, a code was discovered that is used to show, hide and animate certain Steam features related to the subscription, in addition to a feature called Steam Rewards. It is important to remember this they are nothing more than conjectures based on data extracted from the launcher of Data Miner, and so far Steam has not been mentioned in this regard.

Enjoy hit on the table with Steam rewards and subscriptions?

I respect the compensation system or Steam Rewards, as a reference to filtering, this would be based on discounts per points earned on purchase as it specifies a code block named “steam_rewards_possible_savings.”




On the other hand, and what seems more interesting is Steam subscription system. As you can see in the code, it will be available in different plans (monthly, quarterly or annually). This could be a style subscription system Xbox Game Pass or something with style Humble choice.

  • Xbox Game Pass: Monthly rotation of games that you have access to while subscribing. The games are not real at any time.
  • Humble choice: Subscription model, where we can monthly choose around 9 games that we will always fit, among a catalog valued at X money.

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Without a doubt, Steam rewards as well as subscriptions are really interesting. The ability to apply rebates with reward points, such as proposing the file and subscription model, would be a new step in accelerating the Epic Games Store would require you to be more competitive than promoting your store with exclusive offers or with the editors’ rewards program ( something that sold very well on Steam, the truth).

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