The latest Pokemon Arceus Legends park made approaching Cherrim easier

Arceus Pokémon Legends update 1.0.2 is now live, focusing on everything, bringing some bug fixes and dynamics within the game.

Fixed the issue whereby after disconnecting from the internet the game repeatedly froze when we tried to retrieve lost items or throw Poké Balls. A mission was set up in which “certain events would not have happened”, since Nintendo did not reveal what the mission is about.

However, perhaps players will find a concrete modification of a Pokémon’s appearance more interesting. Cherrim, the plant-type Pokémon that only appeared on very concrete trees on the map – and whose capture is required for a side mission – will now be easier to catch. The appearance ratio just below the bichillo was a bug that gave it very low capture probabilities and has given players a lot of headbutts over the past few weeks.

In our review of Pokémon Legends, Arceus gives us a Recommended stamp, and we tell him that “there were rumors, but almost everything is gone: Pokémon Legends: Arceus is the most original and fun saga title since long ago. “

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