The latest patch for FF14 will be adjusted to lower the boss’s HP → The development has written a wording that can be taken as “the player’s skill level is lower than expected” → It will be messed up…

Many players struggled because the boss HP of “Pandaemonium Type-0: Purgatory Hen 4” implemented in patch 6.2 was too high.

Because it was too strong, speculations such as “Is it an adjustment error?”

6.21 patch notes released!

FF14 Pandemonium Type-0 Hephaestus HP DPS Check Patch Note

In Pandemonium Type-0: Purgatory Chapter 4, the HP of Hephaestus will be reduced.

It is applied to each of the first half phase/second half phase.

≪Intention to reduce HP≫

When adjusting the balance of Manmaden Pandemonium Type-0: Purgatory Chapter 4, compared to Manmaden Pandemonium Type-0: Limbo Chapter 4,Aiming to make the content more chewy, the final adjustment members within the development team spent more time adjusting than ever before.

Usually, based on the firepower of the final adjustment members in the development team, we set the amount of HP aimed at clearing at the last minute.But this timeDuring the long period of adjustment, the skill level of the adjustment members became higher than usual, and the standard value was raised too much. rice field.

For this reason, we have adjusted the HP to bring it closer to the proper balance that was originally envisioned. I’m sorry.

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It is the first time in about 6 years that FF14 will be adjusted to lower the HP of the latest content boss
Many players haven’t cleared it yet, and the community is going wild…

It’s funny to hear that the player’s proficiency was lower than expected in a roundabout way

There will be a difference in the value of clearing and history after 2 weeks and 3 weeks … ww

Does this feel like pushing through with “I’m not lying, it was worse than you thought”? roger that!

I’m really disappointed with this adjustment. Why don’t you stop using the word “high difficulty”? w

Due to the whim of God, the mid-core is suddenly cleared after relaxation

People who challenge high-difficulty content are not a few people who are willing to challenge difficult things, so I think it would be absolutely frustrating if the timing was eased just a little bit more.

God game that can lower the difficulty if you go!

I’m not as good at games as you guys thought, so I’m going to relax

Both the job adjustment and the HP adjustment are good, and it seems to be a problem that the patch notes were written in such a way as to incite the user.

It wasn’t the HP that was wrong, it was the job balance lol
I’m going to leave the good guy, so the garbage job that I didn’t adjust will be rejected lol

It’s probably the first time I’ve withered so far in FF, and it turned to ash

The relaxation without prior notice is quite disappointing, and I think some people, including myself, may have been somewhat discouraged. .
I should have at least given you a warning.

People who haven’t cleared it are at that level.

I thought HP adjustments were calculated more systematically, but is that wrong?I feel uneasy about this one

Hopefully, FF14 will be an interesting game that strives to overcome this “difference of about 1% or so”…


It seems that the adjustment was made in 2 weeks after it was implemented, and it was very strong
The difference in enthusiasm between those who have cleared the game and those who are still trying is amazing.
Yaruo PC sweat hmm hand on chin

I guess they emphasized the transparency of the adjustment intentions
It’s hard because some people may see it as negative.
I'm worried about my husband, hmm

Wasn’t this timing adjustment not good because it created a gap with the clearer?I think
This drastic adjustment, how to say, you can see the hardships of development
Husband who doesn't do it, denial, sweat

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