The last volume of Ashe Commander arrives

The epistle of the Arc ends in the fourth volume League of Legends – Ashe: Commander, the colophon of the first graphic novel that Riot Game has launched in collaboration with Marvel and it will unleash the elevations of some of the most mythical and exciting masters of the League of Legends.

One League of Legends – Ashe: Commander, the attackers will be able to better understand the past of the war, an ice daughter who grew up in the desolate wild territory of the north, a leader endowed with a magical connection with his domestic landis, carrying the weight of his mother’s expected fanatics. Readers will be able to see how and where they can find its famous arch, which has so many times conquered Invader’s Cricket.

In the third volume, another champion for Free ground appeared, Sejauni, Furia del Norte. This alias will be the one to help Ashe when he is suddenly and alone surprised by a great anxiety. Between the two, they will end up with the creature and embark on a road trip to the Sejuani Tribal Valley, where there will be no warm welcome.

In this fourth and final delivery, power struggles and inadequate supplies have destabilized the tribe. Sejuani will have to seek help from aliados a lot of questions.

League of Legends – Ashe: Commander is the debut of the author of Riot Game, Odin Austin Shaferwhile the nominee for the most promising newcomer award from Russ Manning, Nina Vakueva (HEAVY VINYL), has been responsible for bringing the characters to life in its illustrations.

To enjoy the end of the story Ashereaders will be able to interact with it through three different channels: free on the side of the Universe of League of legendsone Marvel Unlimited with a subscription or in Comixology for 5 dollars.

In May 2019 comes the moment that many fans are waiting for: the launch of the graphic novel of League of Legends – Ashe: Commander. Until then, follow the story through the screen here.

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