The Hi-Rez Showcase carries important messages

Hi-Rez Studios will have explosive ads for Rogue Company, SMITE y Paladins at its new online event “Hi-Rez Showcase” on Thursday, January 7, which will include keynote presentations and exclusive panels. In addition to revealing their huge plans for 2021, season 7 of the World Cup SMITE reaches its epic conclusion on Sunday, January 10th.

The tournament, which includes incredibly professional, semi-professional and amateur equipment that competes as much on PC as on console, will offer up to $ 600,000 in prizes. Audiences for this year’s championship have dropped by 180% compared to 2019 thanks to intense rivalry, dramatic personal stories and epic game moments:

To break the rival curse

Ghost Gaming (formerly known as Team Rival) has occupied second place in the SWC for three consecutive years: season 4, season 5 and season 6. Neither they nor team member Ben “CaptainTwig” Knight (who has competed in all the world champions) has one once lifted the winning trophy. Will “Rival Curse” be torn apart by the end of this year?

Sanguine Sports: LATAM’s non-favorites

Will Sanguine Esports’ incredible race lead them to the trophy? After breaking expectations in this year’s league and reaching number 1 in the first half of the championship and currently number 3, all eyes will be on this talented LATAM team.

SWC Wildcards: amateur team changes semi-professional league

After completely changing the “SWC Wildcards” classification tournament in North America to win a place in the championship, the Mind the Gap amateur console team will try to dominate their PC rivals thanks to the crossover game with SMITE.

For the triple: iRaffer and Adapting

Team members Craig “iRaffer” Rathbone (Spacestation Gaming Support Player) and Kennet “Adapting” Ros (Radiance Jungle Player) will compete for their third World Cup victory. After participating in eSports by SMITE since 2014, many believe this will be his last SWC. If true, the two will seek to approach the other and reach the first place.

Many of these stories reach their final conclusion on January 10th. Season 8 will mark the beginning of a new era of the Pro League SMITE, now that Hi-Rez Studios will revitalize the structure to incorporate the eight Pro League teams internally. This will give the teams and players many more direct sponsorship opportunities and higher revenue. Here are some of the news:

  • The teams get brand new names and brands.
  • The players ‘and coaches’ salaries will be fully standardized and will increase significantly in relation to the basic salary requirements in season 7.
  • The teams / players will have the opportunity to secure their own sponsorships to further supplement their core earnings.
  • Hi-Rez will also offer players a 100% revenue share on all sales of gaming products or items to its team, which will eliminate having a “middleman” and allow players to enjoy all the benefits of it.

The opening speech “Hi-Rez Presents” (January 7 to 15:30 EST) and all updates from each game will be broadcast on the official Twitch channels for each game:

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