The hell of “other than billing” that Soshage has… “Every time there is an operational error or scandal, players and opponents get mad. It’s just fun…”

A woman who says that the hell that Soshage has is “other than billing”

According to the article

・A woman in her 30s from Fukuoka Prefecture pointed out that “there are other types of hell in Soshage besides billing”. “I lost my peace of mind and mental health.”

・As a reason, women“Every time there is an operational error or scandal (copyright violation, character disparity, script and illustration perfection, game UI inconvenience and bugs, etc.), players and anti-players get mad.” shortControversies and troubles between game fans are troublesomeThat’s what it means.

・Woman: “The opinions of both “Management is hard because it’s work” and “Management should be done properly because it’s work. Do I have to do it?” I feel heavy.”

・In addition, if the management causes a scandal that cannot really be defended,“I’m constantly burdened with the guilt of ‘I like the characters and the world view, but is it okay for me to go along knowing that it’s run by such a rokudenashi’?”It seems that I am exhausted from the conflict.

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