The Guerillas of the Angels get a surprising victory in CDL Major 2

The second Major Call of Duty League (CDL) in the Vanguard season was one for history books. While many members of the community asked what equipment could be installed at OpTic Texas, several new containers sprang into the spotlight.

Before the fights could take place, there was little hope that the Los Angeles Guerillas would make an impact with Kris ‘Spart’ Cervantez replacing a sick Pierce ‘Gunless’ Hillman.

To everyone’s surprise, Spart stood out under the pressure and helped the team cope in an unprecedented race for the title, beating the Atlanta FaZe in the grand final.

Los guerrilleros de los Angeles to CDL Major 2

Starting the tournament in the first round of the elimination group means that it will always be a difficult task to achieve victory, even without a replacement in the title lineup. Despite the odds, the Guerillas gathered for the Toronto Ultra, London Royal Ravens, Seattle Surge, Florida Mutineers and Boston Breach to reserve their place in the grand finale for the first time in French history.

Defeating the Atlanta FaZe would never be a complicated task, but with the surprising appearance of the Volk attack rifle, LA secured the victory with an impressive 5-2 mark.

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List of guerrillas in Los Ángeles

Given that Gunless is expected to return a period on the margin and that Spart have an immediate impact, the victory leaves the guerrillas in a complicated position. Is it back to its previous template, or is Sparten receiving an increase from the supplementary bank?

Given that this year’s third major will only take place in early June, LA Guerillas and several other teams will change a lot to the extent that competition begins to wane.

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