The GTA 5 double actor, a fan favorite, responded to an article posting an update on the rumored GTA line

Speculation about what may mean that the next major update of GTA Online has subsided in the last 24 hours. This should pretty much be some interesting discoveries by the computer miners, which could introduce an upcoming DLC ​​that will involve the protagonist of GTA 5, Michael De Santa.

The discoveries that were originally discovered by VG247 will consist of a new generation point and NPCs, which seems to be possible expectations for a future update similar to the December 2021 update of The Contract. Michael’s Adventures in the Cinema Industry.

Now there has been more fuel on the rumors fire that Ned Luke, Michael’s voice actor, has reviewed an article analyzing the rumors.

Suggestions for possible Michael’s DLC in GTA Online retold by Ned Luke

Luke’s tweet, which apparently got the GTA community talking in general about the possibility of a Michael DLC, only wanted to add a male-inspired emoji as a title before responding to attach an emoji with the palm of his hand some time later.

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Of course, these empty and evasive responses did nothing but reinforce speculation, and Reddit users quickly summed up the party and discussed what they thought. rolloschuh2282 y Tez2The rumors may mean for GTA Online.

User Gsampson97 to start the thread on GTA Online subreddit shared a screenshot of Luke’s tweet and subtitled it with the suggestion that he could wait for an update coming this summer.

Several users responded enthusiastically to the tweet, and homeless 8X said: “Michael and the mansions! Please Rockstar!”. with Unusual_Fork adding: “It would be great and would be a reason to return to play”.

Not surprisingly, others showed more skepticism, and user LogOfOne said, “The male irritation emoji gives mixed characters. I do not expect anything, so I do not want to misunderstand” and KrennicTM added: “It will be an hour-long scene where he sitting in his pool and looking at the floor, sucking and snoring.

Another user reviewed the mixed reception of Luke’s tweet with his response to LogOfOne’s comment and said: This, combined with the information we get from the () filters, makes me believe that there will be an update related to Michael / the cinema. Pretty much promoted. “

Meanwhile, some other users will obviously be afraid to receive an intermittent stream of Michael’s phone calls every time they start a session. Someone came to suggest that they would prefer an update inspired by GTA IV, and dubbed it “Return”. de Niko: bolos con venganza ”.

Regardless of where this story goes, be sure to follow up to get more updates of GTA Online in the way new content is released, which may involve Michael.

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