The genre of Naughty Dog’s next work is ○○! ? Discover interesting hidden stories in the remake version of “The Last of Us”!

Will Naughty Dog’s next film be fantasy? ‘The Last of Us Part I’ Discovers Curious Hints

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Naughty Dog, a development studio that has produced many masterpieces, seems to be hinting at the next work in the remake “The Last of Us Part I” that was just released the other day.

In the Easter egg discovered this time, you can see illustrations depicting creatures like dragons and goats.

This isn’t the first time Naughty Dog has hinted at the content of its next game. In Uncharted Atlantis, which was released for PS3 in 2011, I planted an Easter egg that seems to be the original “The Last of Us”.

The company’s senior concept artist Hyoung Taek Nam also posted an illustration of a woman sitting on a dragon-like corpse on ArtStation last year.

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Naughty Dog’s fantasy games look really interesting! Details yooooooooo! !
Yaruo runs round and round

the concept artistPosted illustrationsit’s so good
It looks like they’re developing multiple new titles, so I’m looking forward to it.

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