“The Game Awards” nominations prove that PS5 has beaten Xbox this year

‘The Game Awards’ nominations prove PS5 beat Xbox this year


According to the article

The highly prestigious “The Game Awards” will be held on December 8th, and SIE Santa Monica’s “God of War Ragnarok” has been nominated for 10 awards, including GOTY.

– Other most nominated games“Elden Ring” “Horizon 2” “Stray” (6 categories nominations), “Plague Tale -Requiem-” (5 categories), “Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2” (3 categories) is

This Announcement Is Proof That PS5 Beats Xbox In 2022It has become

Clearly a good year for PS5. Two exclusives and one timed exclusive were nominated for GOTY. There are no nominations for Xbox exclusives, and with the exception of Switch-exclusive Xenoblade Chronicles 3, all of the GOTY candidates are also playable on PS5.

Microsoft admits it’s had a bad year, but promises things will change next year with Starfield, Redfall and Forza

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Stop whipping your horse to death yeah yeah yeah

PS exclusive title is amazing? PS5 without game pass is not attractive no matter what you do w

it’s the beginning of the war

Well, even as a flattery, this year’s Xbox title was subtle

MS will be serious next year, so watch it

The fact that there hasn’t been a GOTY nominee from Xbox in the last decade
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Best game pass? xbox actually sold recently?
It’s not right, when it comes to games, it’s PS5.
“GOTY (god game) is played on PS5” This is common sense in the world
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So where can I buy that PS5?
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