The Game Awards launches the first meta-experience in Core

The Game Awards has launched its first official experience in the field in Nuclear, the platform of games, experiences and events created by users. Fans will be able to watch the show and interact live on Madrugada on Friday, December 10 from 6 p.m. 2:00 CET inside Axial tilt, an interactive world that serves as a hub in metaverso for programs and events presented by Geoff Keighley.

Axial tilt that Core presents a new way to experience The Game Awards, allowing the audience to see the show live while participating in various activities that are unique in an exclusive way during the program’s broadcast. These experiences include a red carpet starting at. 01:00 CET on the day of the show, and an afterparty immediately after the ceremony, which will be held by a special guest DJ. Fans will also be able to vote directly for their favorite nominees in certain categories and will thus have the opportunity to win Core awards. All participating fans will receive an exclusive profile picture of Axial tilt regardless of how many winners are held. Participants will also be able to have fun before, during and after the show by playing several mini-games available inside Axial tilt.

Axial Tilt, Core, The Game Awards

“I’m always on the lookout for new and exciting experiences to attract new audiences to The Game Awards,” said Geoff Keighley, creator, executive producer and presenter of The Game Awards. “The birth of new metaverso platforms like Core, and the expansion of virtual experiences that we live in return for live events, provide an incredible opportunity to give fans new innovative ways to interact with the show given that it is a show on interactive entertainment, still to perfection ”.

Axial Tilt, Core, The Game AwardsWhile The Game Awards programming is available exclusively on Core, Axial tilt there have been several instances through metaverso launched earlier this year at Fortnite Creative. There are two versions of Axial tilt they feel and they come alike, but just as much justice as worlds are clearly different, there will be crossover events between the two versions in the future.

Axial Tilt, Core, The Game Awards

Axial tilt is available for free on Core from today here, or can also be accessed via a portal in Core World, the starting hub for all Core players. You can download Core from or from Epic Games Store. You can also download Fortnite from the Epic Games Store and place the map code 0960-3147-4924 on the Island Code page.

With Geoff Keighley as producer, The Game Awards is one of the most diffused events on the planet with a record high of 83 million spectators by 2020. Game Awards brings together industry creators, sportsmasters, digital influencers and stars from Hollywood during an evening of premieres, exclusive premieres on games, announcements and musical performances in the hands of The Game Awards Orchestra, directed by renowned composer Lorne Balfe.

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