the full list of each SHIB launch, project and update is coming soon

April 7, 2022: Updated to add details about SHIB footage: The Metaverse, Shibarium, ShibaSwap 2.0 and SHIB, according to developer comments and blog posts.

Many new projects and updates to the Shiba Inu ecosystem are coming soon, but without a roadmap to follow, this can be difficult to follow.

From 2021, Shiba Inu Coin (SHIB) is experiencing an unprecedented period of interest. It briefly hit Dogecoin (DOGE) and raised more than 2,000 million SHIBs in November through various communities, for example.

Much of this interest in SHIB comes from three things: memes, adoption, and new projects. Such as NOWPayments, BitPay and Newegg now accept SHIB with AMC in the future. Here we take a look at all the upcoming expansions of the Shiba ecosystem.

Shiba Inu currency flowchart

There is no official Shiba Inu Coin flow chart or development plan as SHIB is decentralized. We have undoubtedly created a fairly accurate expectation of what will be sold to SHIB in the future.


Shibarium L2 is the most requested SHIB update. This will be page 2 of SHIB, which will allow its users to avoid the transaction costs currently faced when using Ethereum’s basic blockchain for transactions.

As with most of the projects on the SHIB route, there is still no official launch date, but it looks like it will be in 2022.

During the SHIB AMA, the Shiba Discord mature Queenie said it expected a launch of Shibarium in the first half of 2022, although backlogs could still reverse this. No problem, stay on track to launch before the end of the year.

Shiba developer Kaal Dhairya has also announced that it will soon enter a beta phase.

We look forward to updates on this in the coming months, such as the next release of Medium by Shiba’s project manager Shytoshi Kusama.

Perrito DAO

The first phase of Doggy DAO is now available and BONE owners have already voted on the shipments in ShibaSwap.

As a form of Community government of the Shiba ecosystem, the holders of the BONE token will play a fundamental role in the future development of Shiba Inu as part of the autonomous decentralized organization (DAO).

Without hesitation, as mentioned in the last post on the blog, this first phase is just the beta version of Doggy DAO. Future phases will give ShibArmy an even more important role in its broader development, but there is still no timeline for when this will happen.

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Shiba Inu games

One of the best known SHIB projects is the upcoming Shiba Inu games. Originally presented by Shytoshi, Australian developer PlaySide Studios will create Shiba games alongside former Activision developer William Volk.

Volk shared this image, possibly a work of art from the Shiba game, to confirm that it was in GDC.Grea

Shiba Inu, a multiplayer trading card game, is launched as a blockchain NFT title and a more traditional mobile game. Inspired by Shiboshi NFT, it will include 1,000 SHIB-inspired maps, including one with Shiba creator Ryoshi.

PlaySide expects the development to take eight months, with the launch of the game scheduled for the first quarter of fiscal year 23, which will be its launch around July 2022, although several close to SHIB have stated that the fourth quarter has not been interrupted.

ShibaSwap 2.0

Following the launch of ShibaSwap in 2021, ShibaSwap 2.0 will carry a number of features, such as a revision of the user interface to the extent that it is converted to a cryptographic portal.

This cryptographic portal should show news, trends and more information about the Shiba ecosystem.

No restrictions, there is still no launch date in v2, but we will send you the updates as soon as we receive them.

Metaverso by Shiba Inu

We have now received a large amount of information about Shiba metaverso, officially called SHIB: The Metaverse.

The Shiba Inu menu will include virtual properties available to users in the form of Earths. LEASH owners will have preferential access to purchase land on the Shiba market. This will be located on the map of the field, divided into several districts according to the reasons of the SHIB team.

LEASH and Shiboshi NFT titles can now block their participation on the new website in preparation for sale.

According to Shiba developer Eric M, the cost of Shiba’s sales could fluctuate between $ 15 and $ 30 million.

As shown in the tweet later, we should expect SHIB: The Metaverse to arrive in 2022.

We no doubt do not know how the massacre will actually be seen when it starts. The latest publication on metaverso indicated that a AAA developer would be incorporated to create art for metaverso.

In fact, all we have to do is take a screenshot of a Shiba Inu supporting a hammer.

Shiba Inu quema

One of the favorites among the community, developers who once responded, is now accepting expansions in the ecosystem in response to demand.

Shiba’s thirst portal is one of the forms in which this request is met. If you know a little about the details, you can help increase SHIB’s consumption rate.

In addition to this, all future Shiba projects, in addition to games, will include some recording techniques. The Shiba agreement, for example, will allow landowners to change the name of their land in return for leaving SHIB.

More SHIB projects and updates

Looking further into the future, and after the launch of Shibarium, we look forward to seeing the launch of ShibaNet. ShibaNet will serve as Shiba Inu’s dedicated marketplace, allowing users to exchange goods and services with the stable SHI currency.

He is also working on an NFT fashion collaboration with designer John Richmond, after which some Shiba detectives discover several clues that the designer stumbled upon with SHIB.

ShibaNet, similar to the idea of ​​ShibaCon, is just a concept proposed by SHIB creator Ryoshi in his final release of Medium. Without restrictions, ShibaNet’s technology also works, according to Shytoshi. Meanwhile, an unofficial ShibaCon is also being drafted.

Beyond that, we can also expect the future of Welly, the SHIB-based fast food restaurant, to open up.

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For some SHIB titles, all that matters here is how this tool affects the price of SHIB.

While it would be easy to suggest that all of this is incredibly optimistic and will lead to SHIB losing more cycles, there is no guarantee that it will happen in cryptomonics. In return, by adding utility, SHIB can protect against stagnation and be a huge force in giving ShibArmy a real reason to use and use its tokens.

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