The friends of Apex Legends have a first healthy reunion in real life

From ugly kids to ugly trolls and the occasional greed played by a real person, many of the other players you can meet while playing a game online are people you would not like to meet in person.

Not surprisingly, three Apex Legends players have shown that the real reunion of their playing team is at times something they do not have to end up in a disaster or an incapacity.

A post on Reddit said one of the team members, user Royalt_Y: “I have been playing Apex for 3 years and I made friends online. We are finally meeting everyone for the first time”.

Apex Legends players have a healthy first encounter

As you can see in the picture above, the three met at a restaurant in Baltimore, Maryland, to eat and drink.

The publication received an abruptly positive reception from the Apex Reddit community and included a comment from one of the members of Respawn’s development team, who sarcastically exclaimed: antemano ».

Among the other responses, there were a number of users who were happy to see evidence of other Apex players their age, and the user leegang said: “I love how they obviously have more than 30 years. Playing with so many random players that when I die, I’m 42 years old, saying, “I hope to continue playing computer games at your age,” like a brother … I’ve been playing for 35 years. Do you think I’ll die? , to which Royalt_Y replied: “Is that true? Exactly, I’ve been playing since always jajaja, not detained now”.

User enigmaticbeardyman shared a similar experience, saying: “I’m been 42 years old and I’ve been playing video games since I was 8 years old and have reasons why we should have fun? Apex is my favorite game. Sometimes I feel a little strange when I listen to the younger ones on the microphone, but I simply turn on the microphone and I hear their conversations. My 8-year-old daughter loves the weekends when I set up two screens, she cracks MineCraft while the tip ”.

Other users simply enjoyed the greeting where the user guizmo_0886 said “hello Apex; -; I hope you guys are having fun” and MyExScars adds: “I will never miss any of these posts”.

Be sure to follow up to get the most updates on Apex Legends, including our level list of the best legends and the Unshackled event guide, which is taking place right now.

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