The Fortnite clone, Creative Destruction, gets 20 million downloads

Titan Studios has just launched a new underground map for its downloaded clone of Fortnite, Creative Destruction. This mode of the game is called “holey battle” and adds a complete map of the world that players can explore and enjoy.

Titan Studios has also announced that it has surpassed the brand 20 million downloads after a major live event that is set to become the fourth most watched match on Twitch with nearly 45,000 spectators. Hoy no tiene ni 200.

Creative Destruction, Titan Studios

Holey Battle Mode »

Everything is destroyed in “Holey Battle” and a large amount of construction elements are expected for the players below the surface. Players will be guided to these underground treasures by rays of light shining through the surface of the map. Players who excel in depth will gain a special ability that will allow them to return to the surface.

Creative Destruction, Titan Studios

Creative Destruction is available for PC, iOS and Android from its website and will soon be available with crossover games across its platforms in addition to new game modes:

  • Soccer Royale 2.0 version – until November 15.
  • Medal Mode 2.0 Version – for November 29th.

If fortnite graphics are up for grabs, Creative Destruction is going crazy. That is, the children who walk in their cafeterias overflow with joy from others bubu games on the market.

Creative Destruction, Titan Studios

I’m not used to this type of news, I simply limit myself to putting the press releasebut with this gem I could not resist the temptation to express what I really think of this type of game. Fred Børn Ratas !!

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