The first Modern Warfare 2 teasers will be released in April, according to views

Despite the lack of official information about the launch of Modern Warfare 2, players are already looking forward to what Infinity Ward has in store for the 2019 sequel to Modern Warfare.

So far, filters and rumors say they are working on changes to the skills-based system (SBMM), in addition to details of a new Perk system that allows players to equip four instead of three.

In addition to all the speculation, a new confirmation suggests that the progress and tracks for the title Call of Duty 2022 will begin to emerge before many members of society expect.

Progress in Modern Warfare 2

On April 9, the remarkable Call of Duty filter ‘RalphsValve’ published an image of a recurring contour with 20 days left. In addition to the image of the regressive account, the filter was also marked with a “April 30”, suggesting that it carries some sort of event.

With several emotional fanatics questioning what might have included the ad, the filter followed with another tweet confirming that it missed a month for the full unveiling of Modern Warfare 2. Considering that the recurring story not related to the complete unveiling, the first before Modern Warfare 2 may appear as early as April 30th. substance in addition to its confirmation.

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When to sell Modern Warfare 2?

Even without any official confirmation from Infinity Ward or Activision, it is very likely that Modern Warfare 2 will launch in its usual fourth quarter window in 2022. With rumors suggesting that the game’s development is ahead, there is a possibility of a launch in October. .

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