The first Homebrew Launcher for the Nintendo Switch shows up

kgsws launcher is not suitable for all users

It’s been a few days Team-Xecuter made sure to have a solution that opens up for one custom firmware. Today we know that the developer kgsws has launched a GUI to run homebrew in Nintendo Switchfor firmware 3.0.0 and using the PegaSwitch exploit.

It depends on the complicated installation system until it is questionable to call it a “launcher”, even though it is technically so, and that is not what users have been expecting since the Chaos Communication Congress held in Hamburg.

Since loading from SD is still not technically supported on existing Nintendo Switch homebrew platforms, the kgsws launcher loads nro files from an http host, which then executes them through Pegaswitch’s ACE loader. The setup process is quite complex, and for foot users it is recommended to wait until the well-known hacker Plutoo launches its own launcher in a few weeks, which promises to be much simpler and more accessible.

On the other hand, it is possible that kgsw’s GUI can be reused “as what” by using the back-end functionality of the next loader.

Kgsws released a video showing the launcher running its own Doom port for the Nintendo Switch.

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