The first Dying Light is updated to get PlayStation 5 hardware

Techland has announced a new park for the first Dying Light to take advantage of PlayStation 5 hardware.

The Polish company has revealed that the park announced today on Sony’s console, and that it will arrive “in a few days” as well as the Xbox Series X, will allow the game to be used with three graphics modes. The first is a performance mode with a set of 60FPS and Full HD resolution, the balanced mode works at QHD resolution and 60FPS and finally the quality mode increases the resolution up to 4K, but reduces the frequency of footage at 30FPS.

The new park, in addition, also presents improvements compared to the previous generation. In the case of the PlayStation 4 Pro, it includes “an improved 30fps limit” and a new network code using the EOS solution. It’s unclear if these improvements will come to Xbox One X when the Xbox fleet goes public, but it’s worth it.

With the release of this new park, Techland has reaffirmed its commitment to a title originally released in January 2015, and which has since received newspaper updates with improvements and new content.

Its sequel, Dying Light 2: Stay Human, was released for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on February 4, with a cloud version for Nintendo Switch on the go. In his review, he says that “there is room for improvement in aspects such as the narrative or the implications that lead to decisions, but it is very difficult not to enjoy a well-maintained, extensive title. and who knows how to explore his strong points”.

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