The Firesprite study is working on a new triple-A title of terror

A job posting has revealed that Sony-owned studio Firesprite is currently working on a triple-A terror title.

Such and how you can verse in ResetErathe offer is looking for “a narrative director to unite our team for a AAA narrative terror adventure with Unreal Engine 5”.

“The Narrative Director is responsible for the story of the game, to help establish and consider the universe and the lore of the game, with the responsibility of a quality implementation of the narrative content for the successes of the project and the launch Game “.

At the moment, it is unknown if this new game belongs to an existing IP or if it is a new Sony franchise.

Additionally, Firesprite is collaborating with Guerrilla on Call of the Mountain, Horizon’s PlayStation VR 2 spin-off, and earlier this year it was rumored that he was also working on the new version of the Twisted Metal series. .

As we explained then, Sony would have separated from the development of Lucid Games, after the breakup of Destruction AllStars, to pass the baton to another first-party study of the Japanese company, which later would have been Firesprite.

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