The fires are reported by Alex Hutchinson and it happens on Twitch

Assume that many have heard that someone is connected to Stadia (Alex Hutchinsoncreative director of Typhoon Studios) has made more or less controversial statements, and if you have not heard that there are many streamers or creators of content in Rich the videos disappear, but what’s really going on?

Alex Hutchinson’s statements

Streamers who are preoccupied with withdrawing content because they used unpaid music should be even more preoccupied with the fact that they also broadcast unpaid games. Everything disappears as soon as the editors decide to do so.

The truth is that streamers have to pay developers and editors for the games they broadcast. You should buy a license like any real business and pay for the content you use.

This comment is actually the continuation of a conversation via Twitter related to the music and the author’s rights, so let’s go partially. What no one seems to have explained this good gentleman is when people migrated from platforms like Machimina -one JustinTV, Twitch’s predecessor was that they essentially “violated” the rights to issue or to: TWITCH IS REQUIRED TO PAY FOR THE ISSUE OR TO REFUSE THE REQUIRED PERMISSIONS FOR THIS GAME.

In the background, it’s a little more complex, but I’m neither a lawyer nor getting into the wheels of the subject, I’m just clarifying what’s going on to a level that I can understand at all.

We can talk about yes Game Company benefits or not from live streaming or from Youtube videos but that would be material for another article and into the field of opinions that legally work just as well as the ones I explained.

The release of the games “IT IS NECESSARY TO PAY FOR THOSE, OR WILL THEY PLAY ON A PUBLIC AND FULL PLATFORM FOR THAT WHICH IS REALLY NOT SIGNIFICANT TUYOS“. You only have the right to play the game that no one wants according to copyright is “yours” you pay for the right to use and enjoy it just happen with the bar in your neighborhood or people who “should” not be able to put the TV and no we are talking about the digital channel of the trip, for which the public establishment has to pay a slightly different amount.

Copyright and intellectual property are also available on the Internet »Alvaro Mendoza

What we need to clarify at this point is that when we talk about all these controversial things, we are actually talking about MONEY. De Lucro won or left to earn, or if you use the digital channel in the bar, legally speaking, the Marras company travels to earn subscribers to watch the TV or football party at home, and your bar with it sells cafes and cervezas. Or it makes money. Therefore, the cost of public establishments is very different than for a house. Or it should be that I can not come to terms with the fact that if you block, it has more or less “legally” neither who means anything, nor the benefits of it. I am not a lawyer or judge commenting only on how percal goes. You can leave your opinions below and we will comment.

Alex Hutchinson

Getting to Twitch already because Alex Hutchinson comments on these things is that Twitch is busy with the theme of copyright for music, and you know that when we talk about music and copyright, all the lawyers are overwhelmed by hell and all the companies around it last cent that can express, and so we come to the disappearance of VDOs or “videos on demand” by Twitch.

In fact, it requires Twitch to be harder with irregular music content and to have a control system or to be a copyrighted music search bot like the one that has Youtube

ThatWhat has the answer to all this is the todopoderosa Amazon, owner and lady of Twitch? Maybe that will not invest a dollar in all this and if you can not control the videos, then the boredom and it’s still there.

15-year career streaming videos, already on your platform it means a pito. In addition, it costs money to upload a decent video platform, and it has been the perfect excuse to ask anyone who asked for a review, and with a feather to delete everything.

Let’s see if they make their platforms competitive before this show affects their “collaborators”. What do you think?

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