the final exchange that does not yet include Shiba Inu after Robinhood’s list

With Robinhood now listing Shiba Inu, most major cryptocurrency exchanges now admit to SHIB, with one exception.

Bitstamp, one of the oldest cryptocurrency exchanges, was formed in 2011 as an alternative to the now-disappeared Mt. Gox, previously said that SHIB would be included in the list, only to later move this list to a later date. And now, under pressure from Robinhood, it looks like some Shiba supporters are looking for a new place to push for an offer, with Bitstamp as a potential candidate.

Here’s a look at Bitstamp and its potential list of Shiba Inu.

List of Shiba Inu bit stamps

In December 2021, Bitstamp Announced would list SHIB, for the sake of ShibArmy. With more than 4 million users worldwide, your Shiba Inu list would be another potential boost for the SHIB user base.

No ban, just a day later, Bitstamp Announced delayed the offer in SHIB with reference to technical problems. Then, on December 15, the stock market confirmed that these technical setbacks meant that the listing of Shiba Inu would take place in 2022.

Bitstamp did not disclose details of the technical issues facing the SHIB quote. Without restrictions, several tokens have been accepted on the Ethereum network, such as the Gala and Basic Attention Token.

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has since previsto two comments about SHIB in 2022, both of which confirm that the Shiba Inu list has not yet arrived, but first they are working on some technical adjustments.

If ShibArmy supported Bitstamp’s backlog and improved its openness and transparency when Robinhood included SHIB on the list, owners began asking for more details about Bitstamp’s plans for SHIB.

In fact, following Robinhood’s list, some owners began commenting on Bitstamp’s recent tweets asking SHIB.

Apparently, nothing seems to have changed from Bitstamp’s perspective, with a list of Shiba Inu already planned for 2022. Unlike other exchanges, SHIB titles are united, they have clear plans to include Shiba Inu. We simply do not know when.

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