The famous Project M from Nexon and Electronic Arts is missing

FIFA Online 4 is the new project for Nexon and Electronic Arts

The mystery has already been solved Project M que Nexon y Electronic art has been advertising with great secrecy since several days ago. Lots of anticipation for a new MMO for mobile devices, but nothing much faster than reality.

During the press conference held today, the new project turned into a set of Nexon y Electronic Arts, FIFA Online 4. This new release is probably a new generation of graphics engine that will make the game feel more realistic in terms of modeling players with motion capture, details about the interior of the stadiums, spectators, speed and climate. However, the artificial intelligence of the players has also improved significantly.

Nexon has mentioned that FIFA Online 4 has evolved based on 5 years of FIFA Online 3 comments, and that FIFA Online 3 players will be able to enjoy special benefits when the game launches. FIFA Online 4 is expected to enter Beta Closed next month in South Korea, with an official launch before the 2018 FIFA Russia World Cup begins.

The part of the videos that we leave in the sequel has not been given more details, but it is hoped that the information will be expanded in the upcoming G-Star 2017, which takes place from 16-19. November in Busan, South Korea.

Features of the game

Visual functions

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