The Epic Games Store has generated $ 680 million so far, and the exclusive products are “essential”, according to Tim Sweeney

Epic games, with great infographics showing us interesting sales data, user accounts, games offered for free and more. In addition, it is one of the most influential developers in the video game landscape in the last year.

Epic Games Store represents the first serious threat to the Valve domain on PCoffering developers an attractive alternative that promises a revenue distribution of 88/12, a guaranteed minimum in sales and a less competitive escape that can help with discovery capacity.

Steam, which has been around since 2003, continues to have the largest market share thousands of accounts and 90 million active users (as of April 2019), but Epic Games Store today shared that it has reached 108 million PC customers, as has generated $ 680 million in revenue. Without a doubt some really impressive numbers for the time the store has.

Summary of the most important

To summarize before we go with all the data, we need to highlight the following;

  • 108 million users who have downloaded at least one game from the platform.
  • $ 680 million in sales.
  • 73 gifted games.
  • Over 200 million free playable games.
  • 300 million accounts registered on all platforms.
  • $ 251 million in sales for third-party games supports more than 60% of the forecast.

Epic promises to have “tons” of exclusive items for stores this year. Tim Sweeney, founder of Epic Games, commented in June last year that he saw the exclusives as “the only strategy that will change the status quo from 70/30 to a scale large enough to permanently affect the entire video game industry.”

Epic Games infographic

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