The eliminated screenshots of Saints Row 2022 give Red Dead vibrations

Hopes for the reunion of the Saints Rows have been high, but it looks like the details of the game are finally starting to unfold before it launches in August.

Not surprisingly, it seems that not all of these small fragments and advance are necessarily things that Deep Silver and Volition wanted.

Following a possible filtering of some images from the game in September last year, several screenshots will appear on Reddit through an Artstation post that has now been deleted, which apparently shows some of the landscapes that players will be able to explore in the game.

Saints Row 2022 screenshots are displayed online

The Reddit post confirms that the screenshots were originally published by a senior environmental artist on Reboot; without embargo, since the original publication was deleted and no one still has an archive, it is now virtually impossible to verify this.

So definitely provide the images with a pinch of salt, but if you’re going to believe it, it looks like Saints Row 2022 will have a GTA 5-style cover, with urban and remote areas that can be explored.

The dry, stony RDR2-like backgrounds on display also seem to match what we know from the game scene to this day, with the fictional town of Santo Ileso in the southeastern United States serving as a replica of the traditional Stillwater or Steelport.

Regardless of its questionable legitimacy, the images were seen quite well ir / saintsrow, where user Sharky said “these are really impressive and really made me expect a suitable method of photography” and user kylebirdwell added: the state has lost AZ so much since it was hard to return to TN. I want to play Red Dead to get the picture, but it makes me very emotional ”.

Some users even wondered what secrets the Saints Row Desert might contain, and user LombaxMaster commented, “I’m wondering if there will be any underground installation / piles in the desert.”

Whether found in the upper part of a secret bank or not, the cactus in the pictures certainly looks to be in the form of a Saints Row game more serious than Saints Row 3 or 4, which are only relatively simple.

Be sure to follow up for more updates on the upcoming Saints Row launch date later this year.

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